Ice Pickle Princess

Yesterday Lily grabbed an icicle off the bumper of the car and asked Jane what it was.  Jane replied, “It’s an icicle.”  I would have guessed Lily already knew that, but I also think what a 3.5 year old knows changes from one day to the next.

Later, Lily dropped the icicle.  She immediately informed Jane that she had dropped her “ice pickle”.  Now, you can generally tell when she’s changing a word for laughs, which happens often, and when she genuinely thinks she’s saying something the right way.  And it was clear to Jane that Lily thinks those things hanging down from everybody’s roof are “Ice Pickles”.

We have no intention of correcting her.

Lily, princess

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2 Responses to Ice Pickle Princess

  1. Jim says:

    I love those malapropisms. Reeve has conflated penguins and flamingos into “Flaminguins”, which is my personal favorite, though referring to things not as gigantic, but “FORgantic” is also choice. Ice pickles is excellent.

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