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Pipeline wants to give two shout outs.  One goes out to Friend of Pipeline Rhonda Debough-Insook, who I have written about a few times before (she and her husband Chai are the hosts of the Flamingo Party).  She developed a baby book for special needs kids, (I think it may be the only baby book made for special needs kids) and this is her website.  She has sold thousands of books so far, and the project is going well.  Obviously it would be nice if there were fewer people who needed a book like that, but it’s nice for people who want to do a baby book to have something like Rhonda’s book to consider.

Second, go check out The Meter Reader, the blog for Pipeline Person Peter Fricke, who sometimes comments on the site and contributed the TV On The Radio song to Pipeline People Mix 1.0.  Peter is a foreign service officer in Vietnam, and although he’s from Minneapolis, delivered pizzas, and is a Twins fan, we’ve never met.  Check his stuff out, it’s a good description of the life of a just-starting-out foreign service officer, and it’s well-written.

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