NCAA Reports: Kansas State, North Carolina, Air Force

As many predicted, the Pipeline NCAA Project has fallen woefully behind, but Steve Collins at The Relay is doing his part. I’m going to steal from his post verbatim, but you should go check out The Relay on it’s own accord (link on the blogroll at left). That Air Force team sounds intriguing; at 17-1 they shouldn’t be sneaking up on anybody come tournament time, but with their time zone most people probably won’t get much chance to see them play.  Take it away, Steve:

Kansas State:

The alma mater continues to both intrigue and infuriate me. Now 11-6 after a good road win at Mizzou, they continue to pursue a postseason berth. At times this year they have shown great potential under the new Huggins regime, but at other times they have looked spectacularly bad. The Bill Walker hype is now over, since he is out for the season, and I think that is a good thing, for it puts the emphasis back on team and lets Cartier Martin just play his game and score. Walker will fit in better next year with the new class of recruits. I don’t know how this will play out in the Big 12. Wildcats could be an NCAA team, but should also be, at least, an NIT one.

North Carolina:

Stunning loss today against Virginia Tech, but when you play that many young kids, that is going to happen occasionally. Still, even with this loss, the Tar Heels are going to be a strong contender come March. And I like the style of play that Roy Williams has them playing.

Air Force:

I posted earlier in the season that this might be a team to watch for. Boy, was I right. Air Force hasn’t lost since that post, and is now 17-1. 17-1! Their only loss? Duke. At Duke. And it was close. Get on the wagon with this team. They are senior laden and they play the game with fundamentals that make you think it was the fifties again. I mean, they can shoot and pass. Fun, fun, fun, to watch. This is a legitimate Sweet Sixteen team, or better. One can only hope.

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