Mix It Up

Behold!  Watch as Pipeline People Mix 1.0 takes form before your very eyes.  So far, this is the lineup:

  1. “Thinking of a Dream I Had”, by the Walkmen
  2. “One of These Days”, by the Doves
  3. “Joker & the Thief”, by Wolfmother
  4. “Hours”, by TV On the Radio
  5. “10001110101”, by Clutch
  6. “Everything Is Under Control”, by Coldcut
  7. “The Death of Country Music”, by the Waco Brothers
  8. “Guns of Brixton”, by the Clash
  9. “Chumpy”, by the Clean
  10. “Personal Jesus”, by Johnny Cash
  11. “A Really Good Time”, by Roxy Music

Pretty good so far, I think.  I’m downloading the songs I don’t already have, so I’m constructing this bad boy as we go.  We are up to over 47 minutes so far, so we’re getting close.  If the songs keep rollin’ in, I might extend the time to 75 minutes or so, about a full CD.  I know CD parameters are quickly becoming passe for some, but that’s how we’ll do it till further notice.

I’m totally pleased with how it’s going so far.

As for my “lurker” comment, I’m happy people come and read the site regardless of whether they comment or not.  Truly I am.  I sometimes am surprised when people tell me they’ve been reading the site if I haven’t seen a comment from them, but it’s always a pleasant surprise.

It’s hard to explain unless you write in a feedback–type forum, but when people don’t comment you tend to think it’s because of your writing.  You think, “If I were writing better stuff, Pipeline People would be commenting more, and there would be more Pipeline People overall.”   Obviously, people choose not to comment for a variety of reasons, and sometimes that will be the reason, that I am sucking as a writer, and have sucked for days or weeks, and people decide not to comment or even read.  But other days there will be other reasons.

Thanks to Pipeline Person Stanton Shelby, I just today learned of Warnock’s Dilemma, the idea that just because a post isn’t drawing comments doesn’t mean people aren’t reading it and enjoying it.  Warnock’s Dilemma goes some distance toward explaining why emotionally I might think of non-commenters as lurkers, when in fact they are not.

But this talk of lurkers is foolish when so many have answered the call.  Soon more will come, and then Pipeline People Mix 1.0 will be complete.

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3 Responses to Mix It Up

  1. Scott says:

    I lurk b/c I read your blog (and others) over lunch at work and don’t have time to comment. But if you are still looking for songs, see what you think of these:

    Nat King Cole “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás” from the In the Mood for Love soundtrack


    Nick Cave “Nature Boy”

    I don’t know if these measure up as I have not heard of almost all of the songs mentioned so far. Although all of the Johnny Cash American series CD’s are excellent.

  2. pipelineblog says:

    A mix like this is greater than the sum of its parts; everything adds something, even if it’s not something you would ever listen to again. Regardless, Nat King Cole or Nick Cave are fine additions.

  3. Brien says:

    Quit patting yourself on the back. The quality of the writing here has dropped because of it…….

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