CYHSY and O.K. Go

Jim at Hyperbole gave me the Christmas gift of turning me onto Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and O.K. Go.  Based on about five listens to each, I give each of them my highest recommendation.  Well, CYHSY probably a little more so than O.K. Go because of the uniqueness of their sound, but I think both are very good.

My previous practice when writing about music was to link to a Pitchfork review.  But, too many times I find myself irritated by their snotty, from-on-high reviews, so now I send people to Pandora’s Backstage feature.  It’s a far better resource for a quick synopsis of a band’s career, related bands and influences, etc.

Of course, I still check Pitchfork if I’m really interested in what people are saying about an album, so they’re doing something right.  Part of what they do right are interviews, like this one with Chavez, a Pipeline favorite.

I’m guessing I’ll be getting some new music for the holidays.  I have plans to buy the TV On the Radio record, and I’m thinking about buying Joanna Newsome.  I’d love to hear what people are hearing of late that they like.

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3 Responses to CYHSY and O.K. Go

  1. Scotch says:

    To that I would add…Imogen Heap and Neko Case’s latest joint.

  2. nick ayres says:

    which okgo album? personally, i’m a bigger fan of the first album, but that’s me. they are both good though. incidentally, if you haven’t seen the “dance” video, you must must must go here:

    two of my most recent favs: hellogoodbye and mutemath. i admit, i’m a pop-head almost to a fault, so these bands may be a bit too melodic for some, but i dig em. i also highly recommend the latest all american rejects album. yeah, i know they are all over the mainstream, but the album is great.

    one last – wired all wrong (former members of seLf and god lives underwater.) i’d be interested to know if you like any of them doug.

  3. nick ayres says:

    wanted to clarify – when i said melodic what i really meant was “poppy” or “sing-songy”… melodic was the wrong choice of words (since obviously all bands are melodic in some sense.)

    i guess i didn’t want to own up to being a lover of pop :).

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