Christmas Frenzy!

Linus and Lily, Linus in particular, are in a Christmas Frenzy.  Linus keeps asking me what the date is, then doing the calculation from 25.  “Seven days left!” he cried today, even though he knew it was eight days yesterday, and nine the day before that.  Lily asks the very same question, literally, usually just seconds after Linus asks it.  (She’s an enthusiastic and accomplished mimic these days.)  She yelled “Seven days left!” with even more gusto than Linus.

We have been torturing them.  We didn’t realize we were torturing them until last night, when it became clear that every single present in the house had to be wrapped and under the tree or else the kids were going to pester us without pause till we stopped withholding gifts.  Our tolerance for pestering children isn’t as high as you would think it is, because we have generally well-behaved children who aren’t pesterers by nature.  Plus, one of the parents usually gives in.

We sent them to bed so we (Jane) could wrap gifts.  Later in the evening I learned Linus had undertaken a covert mission down the staircase to peek at the tree.  Not to see what was being wrapped on the dining room table.  No, not that.  Just to look at the tree, that’s all.  Perhaps also to give a progress report to other interested parties, but nothing more.

And, since it’s almost midnight, that makes it only six days till Christmas, right?

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