On Showy Consultations

I had to chuckle at the news reports yesterday that President Bush was meeting with “historians, military commanders, and other experts” to gain perspective on how to move forward in Iraq.  Of course, there’s nothing funny about any of what’s happening today, but tragedy and comedy tend to meet at a certain point in the horizon when things go as far off the rails as they are now.

I’ve tried hard not to write about anything political for many weeks now.  It’s preaching to the choir, pretty much.  But I think every once in awhile it’s useful to reexamine what’s happening so we don’t forget how absurd things are.  To do this, rather than rant about it for 1,000 words into the aether, I think all we have to do is look at the President’s statements themselves, or those of his proxies.

Here’s Bush on why he was doing all this consultation: “So that when I do speak to the American people, they will know that I’ve listened to all aspects of government.”

Shouldn’t that be a given?

Here’s Tony Snow on why Bush finally, and so publicly, took his consultation tour to the State Department and Pentagon: “It’s important that the American people be aware both of his consultation and his level of concern about getting it right.”

Shouldn’t that be a given?

Here’s a comment by U.S. ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad, who participated in Bush’s State Department consultation by videoconference: “The president had questions throughout the entire set of briefings.”

Shouldn’t that be a given?

He’s searching desperately for anyone who will tell him what he wants to hear, that he can take no action beyond the status quo and everything will work out O.K.  The paralysis is stunning to watch.  This is the part in his old misadventures where the company he wrecked for profit would be taken off his hands by his dad’s cronies.  Oh, how he would sell now, if only he could find a buyer.

Inaugural Day 2009 can’t come soon enough for any of us, but most of all for him.

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  1. Pete says:

    Doug — what’s your e-mail address? Can’t find it on the new site. I want to send you a quick private e-mail.

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