A New Direction

My fantasy basketball franchise is living a nightmare.  Kobe’s not up to his normal standards, Jason Richardson and Peja Stojakovic are hurt, and everybody else is underperforming.  I remain convinced that I drafted a solid team, if not a juggernaut, and there is time to turn this thing around, considering 12 of the 14 franchises make the playoffs.  (Don’t ask.)

When that kind of lackluster performance happens, you have limited options.  I can’t trade the players when they are at low value, and much like Glen Taylor, owner of the Wolves, I can’t fire the GM.  Only one option remains: To change the team’s Branding Strategy.  So, the Sugar Tits Academy 2 franchise is changing its name to the IROC Study Group.

I hear Jason Richardson’s knee feels better already.

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3 Responses to A New Direction

  1. Collins says:

    The International Race of Campions Study Group?

  2. pipelineblog says:

    Yes, of course. My team logo is what I assume is a guy’s prom picture of him in a tux standing in front of his red IROC Camaro.

  3. stanton says:

    I was just making fun of Quinton Shaw’s team in my fantasy league – here’s the rundown:

    Carmelo Anthony – suspended 15 games for fighting @ MSG with the Knicks
    Allen Iverson – still in trade limbo – UPDATE GOING TO THE NUGGETS
    Chris Bosh – has missed 5 games with mystery knee injury, timetable for return uncertain
    Troy Murphy – has missed 5 consecutive games because of a sore left foot, timetable for return uncertain
    Zach Randolph – showed up for practice Monday on crutches with mystery injury, MRI scheduled for Tuesday

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