Music Isn’t Free

A strange thing happened after I discovered Pandora.  It seemed as though I would never need to purchase music again, since all I had to do was type in the name of a band or bands and I would hear everything I was looking for.  Eventually.  And with some near or far-misses thrown in.  But I would eventually hear what I was looking for, plus a few unexpected goodies along the way.

It was during that time I came up with the now-extinct plan to put all the CDs on the computer and sell them.  Why would I need a record collection anymore?  So what if I spent 15 years putting that record collection together?  Music was free now.

Obviously, music isn’t free.  And it’s one thing to hear something you’re looking for every hour or so, and another to have it on demand.  So, my CDs aren’t going anywhere, and instead the only music I loaded onto the computer were all the CDs I had ripped over the last few years, plus of course anything I get via iTunes.  In doing this I learned I had ripped an astonishing 135 records in the last three or four years.  I’m sure many people reading this have ripped many more than that; I’m only astonished because of the staggering number of artists I would still be unfamiliar with if I had had to purchase all of those records.

But don’t tell any record companies that.

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