Pandora’s Rocking Me

I promise not to say anything more about Pandora beyond this, though it’s possible I might link to them about five times a week.  The reason isn’t to point you to my station, or Linus’s station, a Beatles/Kinks/Flaming Lips combo.  In fact, it’s really pointless for me to even link to either station, because once you’ll get there you’ll be overwhelmed with possibilities for your own stations (up to 100 you can create), that you won’t want to listen to anyone else’s, no matter how good they are, at least for awhile.

No, the reason I would link to Pandora is their “backstage” feature, an exhaustive and well-written catalogue of career summaries and recording information for nearly every major to minor artist out there.  Example: I love “Making Time”, by the Creation, which can be found on the Rushmore soundtrack, but didn’t know anything about them.  Now I do.

Even if you don’t go to Pandora to use their service, I would highly recommend it as a resource for band and artist information.

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2 Responses to Pandora’s Rocking Me

  1. MrFares says:

    Not related to Pandora but of tangential interest to “things you can now do with your broadband and new blog.” Check out the Theme Switch on the right hand side of this guy’s blog.
    You may also notice that the article about Christmas Shoes is hilarious. I haven’t heard it yet but Renee was unable to choose between laughing and crying when she heard it last week.

  2. Collins says:

    I have that whole Creation album. It’s awesome. Very early Who-like, due to Shel Talmy’s production.

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