NCAA Reports: Kansas State, North Carolina, Air Force

Tonight’s report comes from Steve Collins over at the Relay (link on the blogroll, and worth checking out).  Steve’s in Tar Heel country, by way of K-State, and originally from Colorado Springs.  That makes him a three-time homer for covering these teams, but Pipeline People don’t care.  Take it away, Steve:

Kansas State:
Don’t know what to think yet with this team. Bob Huggins has come in and
there is always a firestorm of change with a new coach. The team today
seems to be a crazy mix of old players and new talent and where do they go
from here? Later in the season, this might be a good team. Right now, they
kind of suck.

Doug adds: As distasteful as Huggins is to some (hoping Jim from Hyperbole posts about Huggins just for the diatribe), the fact is Kansas State probably needs somebody like Huggins who is willing to overlook some things to put a competitve team on the floor.  It’s difficult to get many players to go to K-State, and even a good coach (like Creighton’s Dana Altman) can fail there due to that reality.  It would be nice to see a revival of what was one of the great programs of the 1970’s and 80’s.  It would be even nicer if they brought back the lavender tops with the purple shorts.

North Carolina:
The game against Ohio State was one of the better games I have seen in
years. It makes you remind of how good college basketball was back before
players left early and stayed around for their senior years. And these
guys were freshmen! I think UNC is going to be a powerhouse this year.

Air Force:
Air Force is a good sleeper for your fantasy pools. They are now 7-1, and
their one loss was against Duke, which they gave a good game to. They just
beat Wake Forest by 40 points. I will be looking at this team more closely
over the season.

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9 Responses to NCAA Reports: Kansas State, North Carolina, Air Force

  1. Jim says:

    I do fucking hate Bob Huggins, and I really hate the fact that I have to actively cheer against K-State now; I always sided with Kansas in that “rivalry”, but I cheered for KSU versus anyone else. Now I have to actively cheer against KSU because of Huggins. You’re probably right that he can turn that utterly wretched program around, but he’s still a grade-A dickhead.

  2. Collins says:

    I can’t say much, because I’m not that big on the Huggie wagon myself. In fact, I got in trouble on the K-State board for asking, “why are we talking about Huggins?” But’s that where we are. And we are still better than KU. So fuck off, asshole! 🙂

  3. Collins says:

    By the way, the firing of Dana Altman was the biggest mistake that K-State ever made. Said it then; will say it now.

  4. pipelineblog says:

    I watched those Altman teams while I was there. He did get them to the tournament, which I don’t believe has happened since he was there. He’s obviously a good coach. I think the key with K-State is they have to get lucky with recruiting and hope to land a couple key guys. Steve Henson choosing to go there was huge, and then they got lucky with Mitch Richmond (coached by Altman at Moberly State Juco in Missouri). With Altman they never had much top-flight talent, but they got lucky with Juco transfers like Anthony Beane. In retrospect you’re probably right, Steve. They shouldn’t have fired Altman. At the time I didn’t think it was a mistake because his teams looked bad by comparison to Lon Kruger’s teams, but that will happen.

    Huggins deserves a chance to put the program together. He’s been fired and had a heart attack, which have a tendency to humble some people. Perhaps his approach to academics and discipline has changed. And, lot of coaches are nice guys who put together great team GPA’s whose teams are unwatchable. (See Monson, Dan, formerly of the University of Minnesota.)

  5. brent says:

    huggins press conferences are the best press events in college basketball. the guy just flat out says what his opinion is. it is apparant that the normal filter that stops people from just saying everything that comes to their minds is not functioning for bob huggins.

  6. David says:

    Isn’t Dana Altman’s name coming up as a possible successor for Monson? BTW, who drew the short straw and is being required to cover the gophers (basketball, not hockey)?

  7. brent says:

    also, doug–they wore the lavendar uniforms last year. sportscenter guys mocked them mercilessly.

  8. Collins says:

    Brent, you are wrong. They broke out the Lavenders two years ago against KU. Pretty awlful stuff..

  9. Charley says:

    I can give you an update on DePaul’s most recent game if you like.

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