Beat Down

I’m really struggling in these chess games since I’ve come back to playing online.  I forgot many of the (few) things I learned when I started, and I think all the players I’m playing have gotten better, judging from their ratings.  But I’m enjoying playing again, and provided I keep my number of concurrent games reasonable, I’ll probably continue to play this time.

Learning to play chess online has been very rewarding, not only because I discovered how cool chess is, but because I think my doing it helped get a number of my friends playing chess again.  I don’t think many of them were actively playing before I posted about it on Pipeline, but most of them kept playing after I stopped.  So props to me on that.

I just need to catch up, easier said than done.

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One Response to Beat Down

  1. Charley says:

    I have not gotten better. I pretty much jist play against mcglone and he puts the smackdown on me every time. My strategy is to make the game drag out long enough for him to get bored and accept a draw.

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