Which Layout Is Better?

Sorry for the format whiplash, but I wanted to try a few days in the alternate format I considered for Pipeline now that I’m on WordPress. I like the Old Timey feel of this page, and there’s no question the font is easier to digest. The main drawback from my standpoint is that it doesn’t have the ability to add a custom photo header, which I enjoy on the other format.

The important thing isn’t what I want, however, as both formats are acceptable to me. I want to know what Pipeline People think of the competing layouts. If a consensus forms, I will honor that.

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7 Responses to Which Layout Is Better?

  1. Jim says:

    This one is better.

  2. Kelly says:

    I liked the other one better.

  3. David says:

    I prefer this one. Much easier to read. It has sort of an early Salon.com thing going on.

  4. One thing I’m having to adjust to is how different certain sites look on a PC vs. how they look on a Mac. Both of the layouts I’ve tried on WordPress look only vaguely similar on a PC compared to what I see at home with the Mac. I’m reluctant to go into too much detail on which is better because Jane believes I have been too effusive in my praise of the Mac, but let’s just say both layouts look substantially better on one platform than they do on the other.

    To be honest, on the PC this format looks very blah compared to the way it looks on the Mac. And, since I suspect about 95% of Pipeline People use PCs, this makes it even harder to select a format. Guess I better focus more on content…

  5. brent says:

    i guess i’m in the minority here, but i thought the other layout with the smaller type looked way better than this.

  6. Dave R says:

    To further muddy the waters, I like this format way better.

  7. Steve Collins’ comments about this site looking Jane Austenish really cut me to the quick. Another reader commented to me that it looked like a romance novel, or a blog about, in his words, “love and stuff”. Sadly, I have to concur that on my work PC this layout looks like poo. I know this is hard to believe, but on the Mac this format looks very Old West, like a browned and faded wanted poster or newspaper. You just have to believe me that it looks substantially better in my world.

    This format, despite the better font size, isn’t going to cut it. Pipeline People are somewhat divided, which leaves it to me, and I won’t tolerate this crappy brown Jane Austenish presentation. I won’t!

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