Pipeline NCAA Project Update

First of all, please check in here if you need to know what the Pipeline NCAA Project is.

It looks like a good season to follow Pitt and Marquette. Pitt ran Florida State ragged on Friday night in an 88-66 win in Pittsburgh. Pitt, ranked #3 in the AP poll and probably moving up after the Kansas win over #1 Florida, is now 6-0 and looks explosive, although center Aaron Gray is their only big rebounder.

Marquette is going to move up from their current #13 AP ranking after beating #8 Duke last Tuesday. Marquette is young and Dick Vitale loves them, especially sophomore Dominic James. When has Dick Vitale ever been wrong?

Wichita State had a big win over #6 Louisiana State over the weekend, and I believe we have people in the pool who are following that team. Admittedly you haven’t seen an update on that, primarily because I spoke in vague generalities when I signed people up to do this, and I haven’t given proper direction on what I’m looking for. To that end:

Email me anything you’d like me to post about what you’ve seen or heard about NCAA men’s basketball, in particular the teams and conferences you’d like to cover. Did somebody see KU beat Florida? Tell us about it, what you saw, what comes next for each team, as little or as much as you want. Send everything to: mowwow69@gmail.com. We’ll talk about it and then start putting stuff up.

I recognize fully this is an effort with odds very much against being carried through. I start most of my endeavors with that knowledge. But I figure if I keep posting about Marquette and Pitt, it will help others to get motivated, too. The goal? Not sure. Maybe it will help us all come tournament time. Likely, it will just provide fodder for discussion and a greater appreciation for college basketball, circa 2006 and 2007.

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