Bank of Oklahoma

When I was in high school I drove to Tulsa with my friends Clinton and Charlie and our debate coach. Along the way I kept watch for the Bank of Oklahoma building, which can be seen well before one reaches Tulsa due to it’s 80-story hugeness and the overall terrain. I had been to Tulsa before and was struck by the enormity of the building, much larger than the largest buildings I had seen in Kansas City, which aren’t particularly large at all by large building standards.

So I watched. I started at 80 miles out, then 60, 50. I kept watching. Distracted for a moment by the radio, I looked back outside and saw quite suddenly we appeared to be mere minutes from the Bank of Oklahoma building. I exclaimed, “Look! It’s the Bank of Oklahoma building!” But then my eyes adjusted and I realized it was merely a grain silo, perhaps 200 feet in front of the car and off to the right. In my defense, I really did think for a split second that it was the Bank of Oklahoma building, but I tried to play it off like I had been telling a joke. Apparently I had been so earnest in my proclamation at the silo my friends were completely certain I couldn’t have been faking it.

Every grain silo the rest of the way drew a smart comment about the Bank of Oklahoma building. By the end of the weekend it was parked cars, park benches, coke machines, seemingly everything was pointed out to me as the Bank of Oklahoma building. But in the end I was vindicated, as we finally did see the real Bank of Oklahoma building.


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One Response to Bank of Oklahoma

  1. mrfares says:

    And was it really evil or merely enormous?
    Love, your local Enormity cop.

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