Welcome to (yet another) New Pipeline

My apologies for the abrupt changes to Pipeline’s location. Everything will be here from now forward, at wordpress. The format is simple and flexible enough to allow Pipeline to do whatever it needs to do.

The mac.com site had some appealing aspects, and I was eager to take advantage of some of those bells and whistles, but in the end I had to remember what Pipeline was all about. It’s not cheesy media gadgets; it’s about sporadic and mediocre content. And, there are certain fundamental things that a blog has to do, and I think one of those is to exist on one address only. The Mac.com envirornment couldn’t do that for me as quickly as I wanted, so here I am.

The only remaining choices are between layouts among the wordpress templates. Although you may see the look and feel of Pipeline morph a bit every so often, you can always count on it being at this address.

Thanks to Nathan Dintenfass for steering me to this platform. I know Sean at Sean-O-Meter uses wordpress as well.

Well, here’s to a new home. Thanks for continuing to stop by.

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8 Responses to Welcome to (yet another) New Pipeline

  1. Curious what people think about this format. Is the printing too small? That’s my only real concern. The alternative style I would use features much larger printing.

  2. Schmelly says:

    That pepto page scared me for a minute, this one looks much better.

  3. brent says:

    this looks great, much better to read.

    although i did like the picture of desolation wilderness on the mac site.

  4. Desolation Wilderness may be making an appearance at the top of this page very soon.

  5. chris zewiske says:

    I think the type might be just a tad too small Doug. I like the format and colors though.

  6. I like this tons better. It works well with Google Reader (where I read all of my blogs).

    For the record, I thought the picture on the last blog site was good…and legit — doesn’t matter if you live there, if you took the picture.

  7. Thanks for the feedback on the photo, Dave. It’s obviously legit, even if my artistic director can’t see that.

  8. My Home says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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