Old Madonna

Lily loves Madonna. Once the Immaculate Collection starts to play, it’s Dance Party, U.S. A. It was only about three listens before she started singing “Holiday” and “Like A Virgin” around the house.

Lily sometimes refers to Madonna as “Old Madonna”. I don’t know whether that’s a play on Old McDonald or her having heard to something like “Borderline” as “old Madonna”. Either way, it’s always funny.


Lily’s enthusiasm has provided ample opportunity for everyone in the household to assess and reassess Madonna’s general body of work. From my perspective, Madonna peaked with “Material Girl”, and “Lucky Star”, and everything else was mostly generically good.

Until this weekend Lily had never seen Madonna, but YouTube changed all of that. We watched several of her videos, and I think both Lily and Linus were studying dance moves from 1985 with some degree of intensity.

Lily is very interested in any CD that has a girl singing. So far she digs Cibo Matto and Bjork, and I have to think Cyndi Lauper would be a favorite, too.

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    I’m curious how this will appear in the “recent comments” section. All things considered, I think this looks like the format I’m going to go with.

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